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Few do it well – from success to significance

December 5, 2009 7 comments

At least that’s my current observation.

Do most successful people, which you can define any way you like, reach their destination and quit? Well, maybe not quit, but do most enter a “maintenance mode”, doing only what they need to…to preserve their level of success? Playing it safe, taking no chances, holding on to stability.  Said another way, once they “arrive”, is coasting inevitable? Is it that they’ve hit a plateau? a wall? Have they given all they had, last chapter – end of story?

Lots of questions…just some of which have been in my observation and reflection lens recently.

My take aways from some recent readings show that a common characteristic of some individuals nearing the first half of their life, develop an unquenchable desire to move from success to significance. After spending a period of time doing what they were suppose to do, they now search for something in the second half that is more meaningful and which meets their definition of significance. This can be a restless, challenging & invigorating time. It can also be the time period which results in a midlife crisis – which unfortunately for  many lead to bad decisions, and a journey into the wilderness.

Here’s a quote that has been attributed to Peter Drucker, “people now have two lives — life one and life two…. They are over prepared for life one and under prepared for life two…there is no university for the second half of life.”

I want to go deeper into stories of those who navigated successfully this period of success to significance.

What are your observations?

Who do you know, and what are their stories that are shining examples of navigating from success to significance?

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